Meet Dave Alderton
(little Dave)

May 14th Starting Stats

Weight: 461lbs
Stomach: 69
Chest: 61
Arms: 19
Legs: 32

Little Dave currently weighs in at 461lbs and has begun a life-changing journey to lose 100lbs! During this endeavour he hopes, with the help and support of local friends and businesses to raise $10 000 towards the Dunamis Church Sarnia Building Fund! Lets help encourage Dave to reach his goal and help Dunamis Church raise money for its own building!

You can help Dave by sending him an email or Facebook message and make a donation.  

This page will be updated regularly with Dave's progress so you can keep up with him as he journeys toward his goal of 361lbs and $10 000! You can choose to make a per pound donation or a lump sum donation when he reaches his goal by using the Donate link at the bottom of this page!

July 13th Update!

Little Dave is well on his way to his goal of losing 100lbs! After two solid months of hitting the gym, the track, and the salad bar, here's where Dave is at:


Let's keep lovin' on Dave and showing him the support he needs to lose 100lbs! Don't forget that he is doing this for a great cause as well. Every dollar given goes toward Dunamis Church Sarnia finally having a building to call home. Please feel free to donate below and show your support for Dave on his journey.

66lbs to go!

Weight: 427lbs
Stomach: 65
Chest: 61
Arms: 22
Legs: 32 1/2