Every believer a leader...

What is School of Leaders?

The School of Leaders is founded upon the belief that success in any area of life comes through training. Because of this, we believe in taking individuals through an intensive process, not simply to learn about God, but to experience His heart. There is something powerful about a person who makes a conscious decision to draw near to God and every step in this process is designed to do that.

Training Modules

Below you will find information on each level of the School of Leaders as well as links to that level's training resources.

(Note: To access any training materials that are not marked Public, you will be required to enter the password provided to you by your class leader.)


A person who is far from God is brought to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Pre-Encounter (Public)

4 sessions geared toward preparing a new believer for an authentic encounter with God.


A weekend away where the new believer receives foundational teaching, deliverance, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


8 weeks of Foundational teaching sessions to continue to strengthen the believer’s walk with God.

Discipleship Level 1

10 Weeks of Foundational teaching concerning our doctrine as a church as well as how to lead a godly family – will be followed by a written exam.

Discipleship Level 2

10 Weeks of Leadership training covering a range of topics including: how to lead a cell group, how to win souls, how to manage wealth, stepping into Christian maturity.

Discipleship Level 3

10 Weeks of further leadership training. Before a pupil enters this course they must have started to lead their weekly cell group.

Thesis 1

Read two books and write a 1500 word structured essay on what God’s call on your life is – specific to your calling, your gifting, and your function in the church and the body of Christ.

Thesis 2

Read two books and writea 3000 word essay on the universal call of each believer to win souls and make disciples – and convince your reader to embrace apostolic theology as the truth of God’s word.

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth
— 2 Timothy 2:15