This is something I'm realizing more and more as the days and weeks and months and years go by. Many of the people I've known my whole life are getting older. Many of them are dying. 

I'm spent a lot of my life worrying about tomorrow, and regretting yesterday. But I'm at a point now... more so than ever before, I hear the Lord saying to me, "You ONLY have TODAY." Then I snap back into reality.

"WHY am I WORRYING?" Why am I stressing about things I have no control over? Why am I bothered by other people's foolish choices? Why am I constantly trying to make up today for yesterday's lack. This is the strong conclusion I've come to to solve every problem I'm facing... to get through every trial I'm suffering... I overcome every obstacle and turn them into opportunities...


Take today, and live it out loud!

Take today, and live it for Jesus.

Take today, and determine with all my heart and soul to make progress in my life, my business, by character, my ethics, my knowledge, my bible reading, my prayer life. DO - LIFE - TODAY -

Simple, but powerful.

I encourage you to move forward into all that God has for you, and the way you do it, is do it TODAY.