The best book I've ever read so far in my life (which for me means it has had the most impact and resulted in the most transformation) is "Wild at Heart" by author and speaker John Eldridge. The book spoke powerfully to the deepest parts of me as a man. The parts that were scared. The parts that were bound by fear and insecurity. The book itself didn't give me freedom, but rather, gave me permission to be myself with God - and permission to be strong. I felt released from the prison of other's opinions, and realized that even though the insecure of the world may not agree with a strong, free, passionate man - it was what they were actually crying out for!

The revelation in this book made me strong. God used it as a catalyst for me to put my strength in Him and Him alone. He is my source, my strength, my love, my life. This is the actually to key for a person to be delivered from any vice, and hindrance, or any addiction. When you make THE LORD your strength, his power in you becomes an all powerful source of grace and patience and self-control. The Holy Spirit gives strength when you make THE LORD your strength.

Before one of King David's greatest (and most violent and intense) Psalms. He writes these words:

"I will love you, Oh Lord, my strength." - Psalm 18:1

Think on that. Confess it. Live it. His strength will change your life!