This phrase was first used by miners and shouted out as a warning that a blast was about to occur. It was then adopted by the military and used to warn of the imminence of a grenade or other explosive about to go off.

As I was thinking about this blog post this morning - this phrase was just ringing and ringing in my spirit. I believe an explosion of God's power and presence is about to occur in many nations of the world - including Canada! God is asking us to get ready for His move. To prepare our hearts! To stay in the word of God - to mediate, confess, believe, and speak the word! (see Joshua 1, Psalm 1, John 8). And to get all sin and idolatry (an idol is anything you love or value MORE than you love or value Jesus Christ) out of our hearts and lives!

FIRE IN THE HOLE! God is about to move! Get ready!