“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Teresa

Time. Time is the most important and powerful life resource you have. 

Many people don't make the connection that TIME is LIFE. The two words are actually synonyms. An hour of time is an hour of your life. 24 hours of time is a day of your life. 168 hours of time is 1 week of your life. And so on. 

And it goes by, quickly.

I'm 31 years old now and have walked with God for the last 15 years. As I look back over the last 15 years I see clearly how much of the greatest life resource I had in my possession - I wasted. Much of it I did invest wisely - and am receiving the 'interest payments' of 'time well invested'.

You see, there are 3 things you can do with your time/life.

1 - You can waste it
People who waste their time/life do so by taking their time and practically throwing it away. They never think to themselves, "My days (time) are actually numbered (limited). I'm going to die one day and stand before God and give an account to Him for the greatest resource he entrusted to me - my very life (time)." Their lives are wasted because they don't consider and evaluate the immense value of their time. They think they have tomorrow... then tomorrow... then tomorrow. Maybe so for some things, but for many, many things in life/time you only have today. 

2 - You can spend it
People who spend their time are people who are seeking pleasure constantly. Everything about their life/time is about how much pleasure and fun I can accumulate. This is a fleeting exercise that doesn't lead to true joy, but only heartache and pain in the end. They endlessly seek out the best recreational activities, entertainment, drinks, and other ways to numb the boredom of reality of their mostly purposeless lives. Time/life doesn't make sense apart from God - so until someone's eyes are opened to the reality of the kingdom of God and the purpose of life, spending it on pleasure seems the best alternative. People even admit, "I'm going to hell so I might as well party it up now." They don't realize how utterly true that statement is.

3 - You can invest it
People who invest their time/life are wise. They consider it a better option to take their life/time - the greatest resource they possess (even greater than money) and invest it into loving and helping people. They take their time and they give it back to God for his glory. They pray and study scripture. They read books. They work diligently in their career. They give generously of their finances. They lovingly lay down their lives for their family. And they invest into the eternal gospel of Jesus - the kingdom of God. They do this by helping people connect with and love the God they serve. These people will not only know a greater satisfaction in this life that can ever be attained by wasting time or spending time, but they will be eternally rewarded on judgement day when the question is asked of them, "What did you do with your life (time)?" People who invest their time are wise.

So be encouraged not to let THIS DAY get robbed from you. Don't rob yourself today of the great potential you possess! Your time! Your very life! Don't take the precious minutes and hours you have today of your life and squander them. Invest them into God's will - and begin to reap the life of impact and joy that you've always dreamed of!