Image Obedience - full surrender - to the will and voice of God is a subject that needs to continually revisited by the Jesus follower.

Many view Jesus as a friend of sinners and compassion filled servant hearted God-man - and that He is! But He is also Lord of all angel armies! He is commander and chief of the Universe! He is Lord of heaven and earth!

Many believers in Jesus struggle consistently in their walk with God (as I have myself - many times over) because we can sometimes forget in the midst of our consumer driven culture that the very foundation of our walk with God is our submission to Him as Lord. That is, our obedience to Him as our Master. Lord... means... Master. If you call Jesus - Lord - it means that He owns you. You have given Him your very life.

When we submit to Jesus as our Lord, we begin our true journey into following and knowing God.

Let's dig into one simple verse for a moment from Matthew 16:24 -

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." - ESV

To deny yourself, take up your cross (death to your own will) and follow Jesus UTTERLY DENOTES AND SCREAMS a life of obedience and submission to the will of God. No longer is your life your own - but you have given your life over to Jesus to follow Him completely.

It is in this context and setting of full submission - surrender and obedience to Jesus Christ and His every command for your life -  that all revelation flows. His every command - big or small - will bring peace and stability to your life and extend His Kingdom!

If you are missing obedience you are missing your foundation as a Christian. And without a foundation God cannot and will not build anything else in your life.

Could lack of obedience be the reason for your constant struggle in knowing and maintaining intimacy with God?

I encourage you strongly to make Jesus LORD in 2014 - to make this year the year of obedience to God.