Image This describes the state of many, many believers and unbelievers (in Jesus Christ and His kingdom) I've come into contact with.

Life wounds.

Friends wound.

Church members wound.

Family members wound.

Circumstances wound.

And when we allow woundedness to fester - a wounded spirit developes. In other words a wounded attitude and/or demeanour. The cards of life always feel stacked against us (or so we believe). It seems that way, because we can filter life and every circumstance we face through the lenses of a wounded spirit.

We develop a wounded spirit when we don't walk in continual forgiveness and grace towards those who do wound us. THAT can sometimes be a hard thing to do, especially when the wound was a significant one. There are evils which happen to people on a daily basis; evils that people choose to do to one another. Evils that God in His love weeps when happens - and yet He refuses to control anyone - and He refuses to control you now. If you are wounded and on the run from God, He is calling you, but will not force you to come to Him.

But whatever we walk through in life, if we don't release forgiveness we become bitter, angry, and confused - and eventually we find ourselves wounded and on the run FROM the ONLY ONE who can bring us peace - Jesus.

Although we may even have a sense of God pursuing us in our woundedness, it can still feel hard to surrender our pain to Him. But to surrender, forgive, release, and move towards Jesus with our whole hearts is the only way to healing.

But yet many of us are still on the run. We run by escaping the feeling and knowledge of God's pursuit. We overindulge in things that are meant to be a blessing - and for us they turn into a curse. The pursuit of pleasure through money, stuff, entertainment, sex, alcohol… to name a few.

You many be on the run right now - but I urge you to return to Jesus. Come and fall at His feet, and give Him your life again. He loves you, and His arms are open wide to you.

He forgave and now forgives you all of all your sin against Him and people - and He died on the cross to reconnect you to God - your heavenly Father. But you MUST forgive those who hurt you if you want to heal and obtain the freedom Jesus purchased for you on the cross. If you are willing to do this (and it is your choice), say this prayer with me,

"Father, I forgive ____________________ for doing ______________________ to me. I give them a gift they don't deserve… my forgiveness. Because Father you sent your Son, Jesus, to die for me - to forgive me - when I didn't deserve it. I take that same grace and release it to ____________________ - and I give them to you. I tear up the I.O.U.'s - they owe me nothing. I release all this pain to you Father, and I trust you to heal my heart as I daily walk with and follow you. In Jesus name - Amen."

It can start there. Repeat this prayer for each person God brings to your heart. Repeat it over and over if you need to. And remember, forgiveness is not always immediately a feeling - but a conscious choice. You don't have to feel love for someone, or trust that person, or be in relationship with that person, to forgive them and release them.

And when you forgive them, you actually set yourself free of the anger and bitterness that has been welling up - maybe for years.

Be encouraged to connect with local born-again Bible believing church - so the process of freedom and healing can continue.

I hope, if you are on the run, that you will change course, and begin to run with the healer!

Here is a great video if you want to go deeper into forgiveness - by John Arnott - an amazing father and man of God. Check it below when you get some time!