There are so many people out there dreaming, and that is a good thing!

But to just dream is not going to get you us anywhere - we need to add action to our dreams. You know what you call someone who dreams but isn't doing practical things to make their dreams to pass? 

We say things like, "Ah, Billy is just a dreamer". And that has a negative connotation because what we mean is, "Billy isn't doing anything significant with his life, because although he has great dreams, we know there they're not going to come to pass because he's not doing anything about them now."

There are three things that I know about walking in your dream:

1 - it's going to be something you love - and it's going to be awesome and fun!

2 - it's going to involve immense intentionality and purposeful living. This will manifest in tangible goals or mile markers letting you know you are incrementally fulfilling your dream.

3 - it's going to scare you. Because the devil knows what your dreaming about, and he will intentionally put obstacles and throw fear and discouragement at you in a multitude of forms to try to dissuade you from going after your dream

I have some dreams in my heart... and they're big. So far I've fulfilled about 1% of my dream - and I'm realizing I need to get even sharper. I need to grow in more maturity, wisdom, passion, purity, character, integrity, boldness... and all the things that propel people forward into the greatness of living that enables them to fulfill their dreams?

What are you dreaming about?

And what incremental steps can you take to make your dream happen today? This month? This year?