It's hard to believe that a billion (that is, 1000 million) people on the earth don't have enough food. Some stats say up to 40,000 children per day die of malnutrition. So in two days - the population of my city (Sarnia, ON) isn't larger that the number of children that will possibly die. 

Is your heart stirred?

I hope it is. And the good thing - is that you can actually do something about it.

So this Christmas as you have enough (some of us have an abundance) of food to eat. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, etc.etc) think about the millions upon millions who are hungry. Have a thankful heart that you have enough. But then take your more than enough and do something tangible.

My wife Carlie and I both sponsor children through Compassion - - for $41 a month we help clothe, educate, and bring the gospel to just a few children. We can't do everything, but we want to do something. 

Another very worthy cause is - who help rescue the poorest of the poor out of poverty. God is using this ministry to transform nations.

And even in Canada - we have everything we need in the natural - but if don't have Christ - we are spiritually destitute. 

I'm praying this Christmas you will pray about what change the Lord is asking you to make. How about sponsoring a child through Compassion Canada? Because if you change one life, you don't only change one life - but you change lives around it through the change in that life. And you also change the generations that come from that life.

Merry Christmas, and may the mercy of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of the Father saturate your hearts and lives - In Jesus name.