I love most about God is His unyielding patience. He is so utterly merciful. So radically kind. He's the most wonderful Father a person could ask for. So much so that He doesn't even force you to be His child - you actually have the decision if you want to be adopted into His family - The family of God - or not.

The message of the cross is the message of the absolute and astounding stance of Creator God who gives His created beings, made in His image and likeness... a choice. Then thousands upon thousands, if not millions of subsequent choices.

A choice to receive His forgiveness.

A choice to be reconciled to Him.

A choice to be Fathered by Him.

A choice to love Him to any degree we sow our lives into His heart, will, and purpose.

A choice to love others.

A choice to seek Him.

A choice to hear His voice.

A choice to obey His leading.

And these we get a multitude of. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. He just keeps calling our name.

And for every choice we make to respond to Him, he calls it 'faith', and promises to reward us eternally for it. 

And through the whole process - He is nearly unbelievably patient with us. But He is nonetheless...

Just... wow.

Psalm 103 for a few more details on the amazing mercy of God.