ImageOften I meet people who are 'drifters'. They are many times REALLY nice people. Kind. Considerate. Fun. But nonetheless, they are drifting. In other words, they are people who 'go with the flow' in many and most situations. They go the easy route most of the time. If something is challenging in a way they don't really want to be challenged, it's probably not for them. But there is a problem with living this way. The lack of purpose that comes with a drifting lifestyle is killing the drifter. There's an oft quoted verse in Proverbs 29:18 which says, "When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild..." (NLT) They may have money, or even fortune and fame, but to live without purpose is to live without God's will, and to live without his will is to live apart from him, and to live apart from him is to live without his presence, which is what we are created for: an intimate relationship with the God who made us.

To 'run wild' means to live life without restraint. The King James version, instead of using the modern term 'run wild' translates to the english word 'perish'. So in essence, God tells us that if we live our lives apart from His divine guidance, without the knowledge of his will, apart from following him, we will live without restraint, and are perishing.

How many people do you know who are 'perishing'.

One might way, "So what of it? What if I am drifting? I have money. I have fun. I have friends. I am popular", etc.

But if you don't have PURPOSE - you don't truly have GOD. You cannot separate God from His will (purpose). The very reason Jesus died was to 'save sinners' (see Matthew 1). Jesus came to earth and died FOR A PURPOSE. He rose again for a purpose (to give us forgiveness and life though his taken our sins and shame for us). Many times he is recorded saying, "I only do the WILL of my Father who sent me."

The question I have for you is: whose will are you doing? 

Are you living in the purpose of God? The bible calls this pursuit of living in the will of God: FAITH. So FAITH is essentially hearing God's voice, understanding day by day his purpose (vision) for your life, then doing it.

The problem with faith is that it often goes against what we want (or feel comfortable) doing. Maybe you feel uncomfortable right now, as I speak faith, through this blog post, into your life.

"We walk by faith and not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:17) is a popular that many Bible readers know, but the question isn't if we've heard the verse, but do we understand it and live it?

To walk by faith is to walk in God's will.

To walk by sight is to walk by your own feelings, what you want, and your own reason.

The reality is that life is only found in the will of God. There is no amount of fun you can have that will make you happy, or fulfill you. Furthermore, being apart from God will literally kill you. It is your choice, but I would bed, plead, and encourage you to choose God! Choose his will!

If you have been drifting, it's time to come back to Jesus. Sit at his feet and give him your entire life. Glue into his will and his heart - he is more than willing to bring you back into that place of purpose, and life.