I no longer to have any ambition but to know Him (Jesus) more. To know the love of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and the passion of Jesus Christ more and more every single day. I know it sounds ancient, maybe kind of silly to you if your ambition is to simply ‘make more money’ or ‘have more fun’. But I have discovered both of those (money and fun) are found in theexact supply God wants me to have them when I seek Him first anyway! It’s a win/win situation when you make knowing Him more your only aim!

So I’m on a fresh adventure into the heart of God. Into the grace of Almighty God, my awesome Dad! who has rescued me from sin and destruction through the cross of His Son Jesus and made me His very own! I’m on a fresh adventure into His grace and power!

I hope you are too! There is nothing greater than knowing Him! And no greater ambition than to know Him more!!!