As I stood up to preach last night in front of 7 to 8 thousand Pakistanis, the anointing of the Spirit was tangible. The people were so hungry for the Word of God. They sat there intensely focused - men, women, and children drinking in the goodness and encouragement and challenge of the holy call to follow Jesus completely. Then we prayed and released the power of the Kingdom of God. I felt led to call all those forward first who struggled with hearing. As we prayed, deaf ears began to open. One girl who was deaf and mute from birth came forward testifying she could hear (as well as squeaking out some understandable language) as well as beginning to speak. Her speech was fragmented and soft due to the fact she had never heard her own voice before. Nonetheless, here she was in front of me - hearing and speaking.

I couldn't contain myself, I cried out to the crowd, "Hallelujah!!!!" and they mimicked me.

Testimony after testimony after testimony came up on the stage. My heart overflowed with joy to see people being set free from pain and bondage by the power God in the name of Jesus. But alas, the time was short and the buses had to get the people home as it was past 10pm.

My eyes are being opened to the realm of the Kingdom of God like never before.

Jesus really does want to heal every person (just like in the gospels) through His people, the church, His body... ME AND YOU!

Jesus really does want to open deaf ears.

Jesus really does want to open blind eyes.

Jesus really does want to heal every manner of sickness and disease.

And Jesus really does want to raise the dead.

Not only does he want to... He is! I've now seen with my own eyes His willingness to do it!

He just needs vessels.

He needs men and women who are willing to answer the call to join forces with His Holy Spirit and claim back for Him His people. Walking about the world as His Holy Ghost terrorists - terrorizing the devil and smashing every one of his strongholds. After all, 1 John in the Bible says that Jesus came to 'destroy the works of the devil'. And we are called to 'imitate Him'.

This gospel of power and transformation is real. My eyes are opening to the possibilities of the transformation of cities and nations as never before.