"Honour a prophet in the name of a prophet and you will receive the stuff he has to give you. And honour a man that God has sent your way to mentor you in the ways of God, and you'll be blessed more than you can even fathom." - Jesus (Josh's paraphrased version) :D One of the greatest blessings God has every bestowed on me is to know and have relationship with my pastor - Pastor Brendan Witton.

I met him when I was 21 years old and my life has never been the same.

When everyone thought I was crazy for starting a church at the age of 22, he said, "I think you can do it."

And being in relationship with him... being trained by his leadership and influence and example... being sent by him and his wife and team and church has made so much in my life. I'm alive and thriving in ministry because THIS TIMOTHY HAS A PAUL.

Now I get to be the Paul to loads of Timothy's all around... all because of one man defying the odds, and blazing a trail for others to believe.

Thank you Pastor Brendan!