Is a daily endeavor of connecting your dreams with your actions. If you've discovered a dream that burns in you - you must begin to connect your actions in real time with the fulfillment of that dream.

So say that one of the dreams in your heart was: I want to be in great shape! - Great!... now where do we start?

If you weigh 350 pounds and you should weigh 190... we've got a way to go to  being 'In great shape'... but you've got to start somewhere.

So the next step after your realization of your dream - you've got to develop some quantifiable GOALS.

A one week goal, a one month goal, and a 3 month goal would be a great place to start. They could be:

1 week - lose 3 pounds

1 month - lose 12 pounds

3 months - lose 36 pounds

So if you want to be in great shape one day - you need to do something today to meet your one week goal - they could be:

**Walk an hour a day this week **Throw out your junk food and eat healthier **Read a health book. If you did those 3 three things this week you'd be off to a good start!

You have to GET IN BETTER SHAPE THIS WEEK if you're going to get to your dream - otherwise you're only dreaming.

more tomorrow about goals and how to accomplish them...

ps. half of a goal accomplished toward your dream is better than 100% of no goal (no progress) towards it! So get better and KEEP GOING!