What else can you do? There are dreams and visions that burn inside each of us, and moreover, when we begin to draw near to God day by day these dreams become clearer.

I define a 'dream' as: The calling of your life - what God has put you on the planet to accomplish.

So what do you do with dreams? 

The sad reality is that many people never accomplish the dreams in there hearts, and the disconnect is in their simple day to day actions.

Because this is the truth: "If you are not accomplishing your dream today, you are not accomplishing your dream."

You could start tomorrow... but then you've just wasted today not building toward it. I've wasted many days, and I've also invested many into my dreams... so I'm somewhere in the middle of the process.

Along with your dream YOU MUST develop a practicality and tangibility of your day to day action corresponding with the building of your dream if it's going to come to pass. Otherwise you are ONLY dreaming. Dreams don't become reality without understanding the fundamental truth that DREAMS HAVE TO BE BUILT OVER TIME.

We'll chat more about the process tomorrow.