Today is the 7th birthday of Dunamis Church! Yes it's true - 7 years ago today on a Friday night I stood up in front of 10 people and preached my guts out. These were my message notes in bold below: April 1/05 WARTIME

 * God is raising up an army!


 “It’s not out abilities that truly define us, it is the choices we make.”


  • I won’t preach tolerance.  There is no room anymore for a gospel of tolerance.

What’s our strength in all this?  

LOVE--- love never fails.


-          We gotta see what we’re fighting for! 

-          (What Jesus fought for!)

I haven't changed my stance.

If you're a believer reading this, let me tell you... it's easy to attend church and listen to messages and read your Bible.

Not so much so to actually follow Christ and DO HIS WORD (His commands)...

But it's the only way that is truly fulfilling.

The next season is upon us a church - time to flip a city upside down for Christ!