In my personal journey as  a leader - I've come with up (some I've heard from others and adopted) 9 leadership truths I desire to live by and teach others to live by as well. Enjoy! # 1 Serve those wholeheartedly whom the Lord has called me to lead

#2 Finish the job

#3 Empower leaders at every turn

#4 I will not strive (meaning: worry or fret in this case). I will rest, hear, repent, and obey His voice!

#5 Execute small details with urgency - EXCELLENCE!

#6 Work with and pour into those who are willing to do what it takes to win

#7 Throw out anything that distracting me from THE VISION (God has given me)

#8 File any thing that will help probably help me in the future

#9 The Early Bird gets the worm!

Love you all and HOPE you're having a good week!

Please chuck up on my facebook wall any one-line leadership principles or truths you strive (meaning: desire in this case :) to live by!