When I was 20 years I started mentoring my first disciple in Christ. His name is Derek. He was 15 and hungry for God. I taught him how to connect with God and he became a strong young man of faith. Still is to this day.

In the last 9 years since then I have since upon life upon life upon life upon life upon life changed and transformed by the power of the gospel (good news) of Christ and His cross and His forgiveness and His grace! And you know what?... THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

... baby we are just getting started!

I have decided this afresh today: I WILL NEVER STOP BELIEVING!

I will never stop believing:

  • God can save any person
  • Do any miracle
  • Transform any situation
  • Prosper any believer
  • Provide for any vision

He is able. I will believe - and will continue to act in faith and be a DOER of his word!

I encourage you with all my heart and guts to do the same! There is too much at stake and too much fun to have to do otherwise!