Many people mistake prayer as something mundane, boring, and perhaps even useless - BUT THAT COULD NOT BE FURTHER THAN THE TRUTH. I saw a quote by Max Lucado, a well-known Christian author, who said, "When we work, we work. When we pray, God works."

Now, this is not because we are twisting God's arm into giving us what we want. But because we have a Creator and Heavenly Father who is intimately aware of our entire lives and actions and thoughts - and who from the beginning of His great creation has desired and even mandated us as His creation to WRITE THE SCRIPT OF HISTORY WITH HIM!

Someone said HISTORY is HIS - STORY. And in a manner of speaking it is, for we all come from God - BUT it is OUR STORY also.

Bottom line is this: The world is hurting, and prayer is the answer. Of course, there is more, much more involved than saying some simple prayers - this is a journey of intimacy into the heart of our God. This is a reality of co-creating with God as we spend time seeking His presence - seeking to speak words that are His heart and will - words empowered by the Holy Spirit - words that when spoken change people's circumstances and open their hearts and draw people to God and healing and life! We are created to be intimate with God, then speak His inspired words in prayer, and also to people (preaching, or just talking with God's inspiration).


Just like if you wanted to 'EMPOWER' any appliance you will need to plug it in! Could you imagine a Television or computer without power? But that is just like many believers prayer lives!

PLUG YOUR PRAYER LIFE INTO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND YOU WILL PLUG IT INTO THE SOURCE OF ALL POWER! - this is when your life with God and the urgency of your spiritual calling will take on a whole new life! But also, prayer will no longer will be boring, IT WILL BE THE FUEL TO EMPOWER THE MOST JOURNEY WHO WILL EVER DECIDE TO TAKE - the life of being of follower of Jesus Christ!