One of the guys in our church - Zach Murphy - posted the below on his Facebook account today - I thought it was so good I decided to chuck it up on my blog! ENJOY!!! Dear all that is negative,

We had our time, but bud.. shes just not working out. I found something better. Sure we had our fun times but thats only when you were lieing to me telling me what I was doing was fun but in reality the next day I was back where I was. The same "cute" zachary sittin on the couch. Depressed about things that didn't matter. You made me anti social for a long period of my life. You got me to not care about myself and let the things I promised my beautiful mother Kim Kristiansen I would never do because I was way better than that. Well I will admit it was good at times but you set me on a path to distruction. I dont think that was vary nice of you now was it. So why should I let you steer my life? Now you may call me crazy like the rest of the world but thats just because theres less of positive and more of you. The second I met this positive in Sarnia at church with Randy Murphy (that wonderful man) while the beautiful soul of Joshua Pitka preached the good news into my life. I knew my life was going to change for the better. Negative... I sent this letter to you to tell you to tell you in ink to stay away from my life. Its in good hands now and you wont stop knocking at my door. You have plenty other people under your name don't you? For now anyway. Because once i'm ready for battle im coming for you. All that you stand for, everyone you're hurting and everyone you own. My life is going to be dedicated to distroying you and bringing people to my man Positive. AKA "Jesus".

Sincerely "The end of you"