You know that 'zone'... it's that mysterious feeling that comes over you when you're doing really well, hitting the targets that are in your heart to hit, being the productive person you know you want to be, should be, need to be? You know that place of living that you get to the end of day and you just say... "Thank you Jesus, this day was AMAZING!"

I like those days... and I propose that for the most part they happen on purpose.

I think that if you're a dedicated believer, the enemy's greatest strategy against you is not necessarily to get you to commit some great sin, because he knows you won't. It will be to get you to compromise in the small areas of your life that stop you from getting to the end of the day and saying, "Wow, God you are SO GOOD, TODAY WAS SO GOOD (fruitful, powerful)."

I want to go there every day this year.

This year I want to look back on each day and say, "Wow God, you exceeded my expectations again!"

Trust in the goodness of God to bring you there!