So often people cut themselves WAY short of their God-given calling and potential. Not one of us does or acts perfectly all the time - we've all made mistakes and have shortcomings... but why not go for it in 2012? even with all your shortcomings and successes and accolades and failures? Why... not...?

Why not just full on, full out, full tilt, full boar, full-Y go after Jesus with everything you are?

Why not do the stuff He's already been showing you to do, do it today, maybe even now?

Why not stop being lazy and selfish and boring this year and go crazy with the calling of God on your life?

Why not stop stuffing your face with pitiful excuses and put them dukes up and fight the good fight of faith!?

Why not love more extravagantly this year?

Why not give more generously this year?

Why not work... maybe not or maybe harder... but definitely smarter, and get that ax sharpened up? (see Ecclesiastes 10:10)

Why not just lay every thing else aside and seek God for that breakthrough you've been contending for for years... but you know you haven't got it yet... why don't you just seek God till you find him... knock till it opens?

Heaven's open... grace is pouring down... and God is waiting for your move!

It's a new year - full of "why not's" - the "possible" is completely up to you.