There is a God who loves you and can heal you - physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially... Truly there is nothing impossible for Him - if we yield to the process of restoration - God will do it! But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand. - Isaiah 64:8

The Lord; your Creator; your Father; the One who knows you - even your mind and your heart and all you've been through - better than you know yourself... he can even take your broken life (which he likens to clay) and remake you; remould you; reshape you... He can and will heal you.

The only thing he won't do... is force you.

You're a free-will agent... just like God Himself... made in His image and likeness (see Genesis 1). And He will not force you... He cannot force love. Because He is love He will not force Himself. He won't save you unless you call to Him... He won't heal you unless you open yourself up to Him.

God is good. We are always the ones that hurt ourselves and hurt each other.

But He will make every move possible to save us from ourselves and our destructive ways. He made the ultimate move toward you by choosing to freely give you pardon and forgiveness of every wrong you've ever committed, by sending His perfect Son Jesus to take your punishment for you. All justice for your wrongs has been served by Jesus on the cross. All accusation can be made null and void. All condemnation can be lifted. You can be free!

All you gotta do is receive it. And if you follow Jesus He will lead you and heal you.

Only you can make the decision. Only I can choose to follow Him daily.

It is a process. A wonderful life of falling more in love with Love every day.

I hope that you will decide for 2012 to be your year restoration and hope and love and faith, as you've never experienced before!!