Minute by minute children are starving and dying... Minute by minute people feel hopeless and think about taking their lives...

Minute by minute people are murdered, raped, and plundered...

Minute by minute wars and rumours of wars are raging all over the earth...

Minute by minute the battle rages on:

The battle for people’s lives,

For their destinies,

Their futures,

The futures of their children and posterity.

All the while the enemy of our soul is singing to us, “every little thing... is gonna be alright.”

But it’s so evidently NOT alright.

There is justice to rendered!

There are battles to be won!

There are souls to be saved!

There are marriages to be restored!

There are prodigals to be reconciled!

Every minute that goes by was another opportunity to make impact... to love... to give... to serve... to accomplish... to realize... to grow. To rest in the grace of God and listen for your next heavenly assignment.

I’m not sure about you, but as for me... I don’t want to waste another minute simply existing – I WANT TO LIVE!!!