Everyone likes to have 'good feelings' - It's a clear universal truth about humanity. "I want to feel good..."

"I want to be happy..."

And there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

Where it becomes dangerous is when we live our lives and base our decisions solely on 'what makes me feel good today' or 'what makes me feel good in this moment'. It's dangerous because #1 there are many things that 'feel good'... even 'feel amazing' but they are outside of the will of God for our lives. We know as followers of Jesus this truth: THERE IS NOTHING GOOD FOR ME OUTSIDE OF THE WILL OF GOD. So the point is that EVEN if 'feels good' it doesn't mean it IS good. And if it's not good, it's probably bad.

The second reason that living from your feelings is dangerous is that you run the constant risk of missing out on God's best for your life - ie. walking in your destiny. Put another way, you could miss your calling, the very reason God created you.

The sad thing and the great thing about writing this blog post is that I do this all the time... but I want to do it less and less frequently. At least I recognize it and am working on not living by my feelings - but living by faith.

Living by faith is simple: following Jesus and obeying Him with your entire life.

Living by feelings is simple too: following yourself (your own feelings) and obeying the inclinations of your own flesh and mind.

Every single one of us do both of the above. We all have mixture. But the more you decide (and I use the word 'decide' purposely) to follow Jesus and not your own feelings the more you will succeed in every way that truly matters, and the happier you will actually be.

So if you've made it this far and wondering about the title of this post - here goes: My heart has been stirred for about 2 weeks to do this 'Elevation Global Choir' thing (the deadline is actually extended until this coming Sunday at midnight)... but I didn't recognize it because I knew it would be a tonne of work - and I didn't really think I had the time. Also, and more importantly... I didn't feel like doing it.

I felt the Lord asking me to get '50 submissions in' of people that went to Dunamis Church or people I knew and actually WIN the contest which would be awarded to the person who got the most entries in. The prize was an all expense paid trip to Charlotte to visit Elevation Church, attend a conference for a few days, and chill out with Elevation's worship team (actually I wouldn't go but send a few of our worship leaders). Alas, I was lazy (which usually goes along with living by my feelings, because who really 'feels like' shoving their good feelings aside and go with God when it's hard or challenging?) and I didn't act. I thought God would leave me alone... He didn't.

He eventually worked on me enough to wake me up a few nights ago and say, "50 entries in 8 days"... but I know I can do it in 4. It really comes down to a decision on my part to work (it usually does) - to delegate - to grow - to lead - to emerge... all the things I want to do and I know would make me truly happy, but alas, they are hard. To make the decision doesn't feel good, in the moment at least.

So I have this personal epiphany 2 nights ago and want to phone my girlfriend at 12:30am and tell her all about it...that I'm going to change and continue to grow and learn and emerge... but I felt like God was saying 2 nights ago... "SON, JUST CHANGE"... so I'll just change and blog about it now instead, and hopefully spark something in you!

I'll end with this: there are a lot of people saying a lot of things and making a lot of promises. I feel like the Lord would say, 'stop talking so much and do it'.

50 in 8 ... 50 in 4..?!?! Challenging?... Yes. Doable?... well I won't find out unless I push myself and actually just do it! (like Nike)

I'm just going to change - today.

ps. we walk in our destiny by choice, not by chance... ...so make the decision today to follow Jesus - and emerge into your God given calling! This is who you really are anyway, don't let your fleshly feelings get in the way.