Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. So they departed and went through the towns, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere. - Luke 9:1, 2, 6

In looking at the above scripture in the chronological gospel account of Dr. Luke, we see that the disciples - CORRECTION - the 12 disciples closest to Jesus are finally sent out to do some of big stuff themselves, without Jesus! For Jesus, after a long while of personal training, deems them finally ready to go and "kick some enemy butt" without him right beside them coaching them.

But let's get real, these disciples were passionate! Man, they left everything they owned and had built and accumulated, even leaving their families for an indefinite amount of time to go follow this Jesus!

Yet Jesus waited a while before He decided to send them out! Why?

I think it's because they weren't ready! They had to prove themselves in the small areas of faithfulness before they would be ready to tackle the big ones! And there were MUCH BIGGER ONES to come besides going out for a few days and doing some miracles through the power of God, such as we see in the above verses!

Where are you at with your faithfulness? Are you asking God for massive breakthrough in your life without obeying Him in the small areas? Are you asking God for healing in your body but continuing to consume copious amounts of junk food? Are you asking God for peace but neglecting the reading of His word, by which you would gain the perspective of God to actually have peace? Are you asking God for financial breakthrough in your life but neglecting tithing to your local church, let alone allowing the Spirit of God to speak to you regarding the many opportunities to be generous?

I think we must start with the small areas of obedience, then the Lord will lead us into the greater!

I used to feel bad because I wasn't doing "more powerful" stuff for the Lord. Then, I realized it wasn't my job to feel bad - it was my job to love my God with EVERYTHING I am, and to seek Him with all my heart! As I did that, and still do, God speaks clearly (for Jesus said 'My sheep know my voice'),  leading us into fruitfulness and giving us instructions for where to go and what to do - what area of ministry and church volunteer life to get involved in, who to marry, what house to buy, where to help! Et cetera.

God is so good! And He wants to do POWERFUL stuff in and through each of us. But don't neglect the little, and you will soon enter into the greater!