In asking the Lord about my day today (it's my day off), clear as a whistle I felt him speak, "Be in my word for the next 3 hours, and I will give you trajectory for your day. Be in my word every day, read (the certain number of chapters I felt God lay on my heart to consume daily) chapters every day and each day you will know the next steps."

I think this applies to each person, on a daily basis. Because if you are wondering about the course of your life and which path to take, or which direction to go - your answers will most likely be found in connecting with God's word and inviting the Holy Spirit to speak as you read. Or his word will be A CONNECTOR to reach the next step or person.

Maybe an area of your heart will get dealt with by the discipline of God - or maybe an ungodly mindset will be broken and more freedom will be found - or maybe God will just plain speak the next step into existence (as he is constantly creating [authoring] our lives according to his pleasure). Whatever he does, it will be good, and it will be bring you forward!

Don't stay stuck! The trajectory for your life is found in his Word! God speaks in many ways for sure, but let's not forget that he has spoken in black letters on white pages and they lead us still. His word is alive, and it's living, and he is ready right now to give you life and direction.