So I'm talking with someone the other night and they are telling me they are bored in their current situation because they 'don't have enough to do'. MOST PEOPLE are waiting, sometimes waiting patiently for someone to tell them what to do next. To give them their next step. To push them into the next phase of their life. In essence - to serve up the next portion of their life on a silver platter. We excuse this mentality because often people ask us to work or accomplish such and such tasks and we get paid and feel good about it. So why are we still bored?

I believe one of the keys to entering into the realm of living and excitement and adventure that we are all looking for is the realm of ACTUALLY CREATING stuff. The thing about creating is it takes brain connections that have never been formed before. We actually have to stretch, and we'll feel it! Sure, we create essays for school and projects for work, etc. But most of the time it's the stuff we've been asked to do... so it's not true invention - most of the time it's regurgitation of facts or anecdotes blended with our current level of vocabulary and literacy.

"A-" the page shouts! 

"YES! I'm smart."

But all the best grades won't help you succeed within yourself. All the best grades or worst grades and everywhere in between doesn't qualify you to succeed in your calling!

And YOURS and MY calling is - TO BE A CREATOR... like God!

To have a relationship with a Father who is constantly creating - and who invites us to be a part of that process! To create with him!


Don't lose sight of that! Because the creativity God wants to release in each one of us will not only squash boredom in our lives - it was help us overcome any circumstance we are facing, and overcome it!

It's time to THINK... like God can. And he doesn't know any limits.

AND it's time to THINK... like you can. Because you do know limits.

What can you do with what you have - with what is in your box called 'your life'?