Yesterday I blogged about about 'becoming'... I want to state this simple truth, because it's... well, true :)


Not just anything! Do what you feel God is telling you to do - yeah, of course, make sure it lines up with his Word (the Bible)! But do it!

Do it to the best of your ability! Do it now! And learn!

Go to bed tonight knowing you've taken some ground! That you've accomplished something for and with King Jesus! The Bible says that Jesus Christ was made manifest (or: revealed) to DESTROY THE WORK OF THE DEVIL! To me there is hardly a better feeling than to lay my head down on my pillow at night going to sleep with 'enemy blood on my sword'!

Get up tomorrow and you're sharper! You're more mature! You're motivated! You're passionate! You have a testimony to share with someone and anyone! You're an 'encourager' because you've developed some COURAGE so now you have some to give! The list goes on and on.

Tonight (after our Friday night Dunamis Church experience) - I'm going to sleep with blood on my sword. Yep, it's a fight! But I'm ready! I'm in the battle!

Do something today! Take some ground! You won't be the same! Gain some strength and momentum! And go to sleep tonight with enemy blood in YOUR SWORD!