....you are what you are. You've done what you've done. You've become what you've become through the experiences you've had - the information you've absorbed - the choices you've made. This life is all about BECOMING -

It's about EMERGING -

But that happens day by day... it happens moment by moment.

Is what you are busy with today helping push you into your potential?... your goals... your God-given dreams?... Are you growing towards them?

Or oppositely are you simply existing? (In other words - going the opposite direction of your dreams because the world is moving so if you're standing still or sitting on the fence or taking the easy road or bowing to fear... you are actually sliding backwards.)

Today I talked about Wisdom in my VLOG post - check it out I think it will challenge you.

BECOME... today... and at the end of the day, have the satisfaction of knowing that you moved forward.