I think that one of the oft removed words from the Christian soldier's vocabulary is the word BOLD or COURAGE - both carrying similar meaning and value to me. In my understanding boldness/courage is one the chief qualities of anyone who does anything significant for the kingdom of God (matter a fact if you want to make any sort of splash in any arena you need to willing to jump into the water). It's a challenging word because many people feel they can't or have decided they won't ever be that 'type' of person.

The thought goes, "I'm not like that. That's not my personality to be like _________". 

And I would agree! I don't think anyone is supposed to mimic someone else's personality!! BUT we are supposed to mimic people FAITH! Their obedience to God! Their radical, ruthless trust and abandonment to the voice of the Master - Jesus Christ.

And in my opinion, Jesus Christ is crazy! (of course he's perfectly sane being God and everything but He feels crazy to me sometimes!)  He has gotten me to do stuff WAY out of my comfort zone, many times! I have just decided it would be better to risk it all over and over and see mountains move and the sun stand still than to live a quiet, normal, boring Christian life where instead of the joy and presence of the Holy Spirit giving me life I would need to 'socially drink' copious amounts of beer to actually have fun. That is not life... it's called 'escapism'.

Face it...! Whatever 'it' is! Jump out the boat! Get into the fire of your calling! TAKE COURAGE! TAKE HEART! THERE ARE FAR MORE FOR YOU THAN AGAINST YOU!

Keep stirring up your faith today!

Here is an extra resource I preached to our youth ministry just over a year ago, entitled - BOLDNESS 101 - enjoy!