Ciccio's Pizza and Puffios...has amazing pizza! And if you don't know what a puffio is - it's like a crazy good panzerotto with amazing dough. SO GOOD! NOT HEALTH FOOD in the least! But tasty!

Here's my beef: I went there the other night to pick a puffio up for myself at 9:30pm (they close at 10pm according to their sign) and their door was locked! The owner and employees were still mulling around in there so I thought I'd give a knock at the door.

I get ignored... I give another knock, and another... still ignored!

So I decide to leave. But as I'm getting in my car one of those moments (feelings, rather) come upon me and I think, "This isn't right. This isn't quality business ethics. People need to do what they say they will do, especially if they want my business! This is crazy for an establishment to lie to their faithful customers, whom without they would cease to exist!" So I went back and knocked on the door again so I could call out the owner on his sign.

He finally came over evidently annoyed and opened the door. I asked what time they close? He told me, "Uh, er, uhmmm, 9 oclock okiee, 9" in his accented English.

"But your sign says 10!" I told him.

"No, 9... er.. okay bye!" then he shut the door without saying anything else.

I feel bad for a guy like that. He just lost me as a customer, because to tell you the truth. I would rather feel respected and eat somewhere else than feel and get totally disrespected as a customer and then lied to as a person and eat a tasty meal.

So, lesson learned: Tell people the truth. Do what you say you're going to do. If your sign says 10pm - be open until 10pm! If you're church bulletin says, "Office hours from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday" make sure there is someone manning the phone from that time to lead curious people who want to inquire about your church! Respect people by doing what you say, or you'll lose them as customers or contributors or even as friends.

ps. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this, but I'm saying I'm slapped in the face with truth through the above experience. If you don't do what you say you'll do people will not respect you. It's simple, but oh so true!