After church tonight it dawned on me... perhaps more clear than ever before: IT IS REALLY POSSIBLE TO "TAKE" A CITY FOR JESUS! I mean think about it: Jesus is BY FAR the most beautiful person, the most wonderful God, the kindest friend, the most honest companion a person could EVER wish, hope, or dream for. He is totally the best! How could you not want Him...? The only thing that limits us is, well, us. So if I/you/we commit to continue to grow and learn every day, get this: NOTHING STOPS US!!! NOTHING!! Are you getting this???

BUT HEREIN LIES THE MINDSET SHIFT - We re-present Him to the world! So if we continually shift and get better at RE-PRESENTING Him to everyone we meet and everyone who walks in our doors! People WILL continue to come to Christ. They will step right into Jesus - because they stepping into the midst of His body!

One day at a time - we are getting sharper! I'm getting sharper! Are you?

Let's go there!