In chatting with Carlie Bruno (the amazing) again last night I've come to realize that perhaps THE MOST important character quality an individual (and without a doubt a leader) can possess is the that of BEING ON TIME! Tardiness is not a quality that can be tolerated - at all - while forming and building and working in this life. Back to Carlie... On her first day as an Elevation Church intern she arrived at the introductory day at exactly 9:02am... but the meeting started at 9am. She was 2 minutes late! This was not acceptable, to say the least! The leader of the meeting made her do 10 burpees! (If you don't know what a burpee is, check it out here - ) - so... everyone knew who she was after that! :D

Last night she told me that one of the guy interns was late in the morning as all the interns (30 of them in total) were taking a trip around Charlotte. He got there just as the bus was leaving.... he almost got fired!! Instead though a bunch of the staff just attacked his hair with scissors and shaved a strip down his head!... wow... sounds like a harsh punishment for being 15 minutes late! NOT AT ELEVATION CHURCH!!

Are you offended?

Someone is offended and hurt every time you or I are late!!

I'm committing to not be late anymore for any set appointment.

My new 'on time' is 10 minutes early!