... beyond a shadow of a doubt - is PERSEVERE. I'm not sure there is any other word that provides a key to 'walking in the calling or destiny of God for your life' than this word - PERSEVERE.

Just don't stop. Don't let anything stop you from learning - from growing - from failing and then evaluating the reasons you failed - doing what you need to do change - getting what you need to get from God to change - then getting back up and going for it again.

I'm guessing - and feeling very strongly about the following hypothesis - that the reason most believers don't persevere in the massive call of God on their lives is because of feeling of guilt, condemnation and shame. So you've failed... join the club!

Failure is one of the chief marks of success. Think about how many attempts Edison made before he found a single filament that actually worked to create the first light bulb - THOUSANDS! He never gave up.

Whatever you are facing - God has the answers in his word. Seek him today and grow.

Do one thing today - keep going - go forward - don't stop!


"Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison