... yes, its true! God wants to work IN and THROUGH every believer of Jesus Christ in powerful ways. By the simple fact the the EVERLASTING KING OF GLORY lives in you, by default you are powerful. By default you are an overcomer! By default you are amazing, pure, holy, exceptional, intelligent, gifted, awesome child of God who is beloved and accepted by the Father of all life - God! Wow!

But when we allow the revelation of TRUTH (from the word of God) to penetrate the depths of us... and as we acknowledge God's intentions of His glorious bride - the church of Jesus Christ to literally shine brilliantly in the world, drawing men, women and children to the cross of Christ and to salvation - something shifts in us. We begin to realize our mandate to preach the glorious good news of Christ to the world!

So go for it today! Go deeper in God! Just rest in His grace and peace and allow him to stir your heart and speak to you!

I released a word which is right above what you are reading now on a video - in which I share one of the scriptures that most empowered me to step in faith and preach the gospel to people - or just even share with them that "Jesus loves you and has a plan for you life" - check it out below. Allow the truth of the word below to seep into your spirit and mind!

"I, even I, am He who comforts you. You are you that you should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man who will be made like grass. And you forget the LORD your Maker, who stretched out the havens and laid the foundations of the earth?" - Isaiah 51:12, 13(a)