... to me how sometimes we can become so self-absorbed in the moment that we neglect the big picture. This has happened to me numerous times. If there is something I'm sitting here thinking in this moment that I need to be set on doing - THAT THING is the will of God. The 'problem' with the the pursuit of the will of God, is that in that pursuit of knowing my Father (God), being his son and walking in his calling - failures are inevitable along the way.

Sometimes I think those failures are a result of our neglect of him or lack of discipline in other areas that have directly affected the present moment failure. Other times I think failures are a result of simply doing life, learning and growing, trying and sometimes... failing. But the truth is that failures are not necessarily sin, and they are ALWAYS a great OPPORTUNITY to grow and learn and repent and change. Even if that failure has cost you something dear, your life is not over, and there is always the great potential, even certainty, of making 'the most' of what you have left (your resources, being namely: your time, talents, gifting, emotions, and money). This is hard to do, but it is the path of the history maker.

I choose to take the opportunity to learn and grow from my failures instead of letting them define me.

I encourage you to do the same.