A bit ago I posted this video which I thought was cute but also very powerful - [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGfpUsfz0kc] I feel this reality burning in my spirit - that God is taking me, and subsequently, Dunamis Church, to a whole 'nutha' level!

I'm going there!

But I wouldn't be able to go there if I wasn't here right now. Here in the place that I've come to so far.

I think that many people don't understand the reality of creating a movement and what it actually entails.

I've already hit the anvil a million times - like, struck it hard with an exertion of strength. I don't remember all the prayers, all the tears, all the moments with Jesus, and all the trials. But you know what, the power of the spirit of God is upon me and I'm ready to hit it again today, and by his grace, tomorrow. And a million more times after that!

This is how movements are created. This is how a revival culture is sustained: people who are seeking God and won't back down until his presence covers the earth.

I'm one of those seekers. Won't you take up the call?!