So I go to see last night (technically because it's 1am in the morning) 'THOR' - a Marvel comic book series come alive in movie form. I have many descriptive words I could use, but EPIC, and AMAZING, and MIND-BOGGLING, and RIDICULOUSLY ENTERTAINING come to mind. This movie SCREAMS to me about the kingdom of God. AS EPIC and utterly fantastical this imaginative tale was - and AS MUCH as it wants to pull you into a greater reality than what you currently experience - IT CAN HELP.

I think more than ever God Almighty is SCREAMING THROUGH HOLLYWOOD to the church to wake up and 'seek first the kingdom'.

As we realize more and understand deeper that the spiritual kingdom of God and the realities that are available to us now through Christ Jesus, we the church will utterly captivate the world with the reality and beauty of Jesus.

Seeing this movie tonight stirs my heart in a greater way to tap into something greater than men can conjure up in our God-breathed imaginative powers - THE REALITY OF THE EVERLASTING KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST!