It is said that momentum is created by 'seizing moments'. True word... but I want to bring this to the table today - SEIZE THE MOMENT TODAY! Seize it today by doing something! -

Wash your dishes, clean your bathroom, take the garbage out...

Read your bible, pray, listen to some worship music, write a blog...

Buy your wife (or girlfriend) a rose, give your wife a foot massage, write her a poem...

Make that phone call you've been afraid to make, tackle the stack of papers on your desk, work out...

Every time you DO SOMETHING, you produce some momentum and a little bit more thrust - a little movement forward.

Here are a list of things that do not produce much (if any) momentum -

1) Television

2) Video games

3) Junk food

4) Gossip

5) Worrying (and telling everyone about it)

6) Alcohol

7) Twiddling your thumbs wondering why you're not going anywhere

8) Fill in your blank ________________________________