I'm stuck momentarily to my chair with a question burning in my soul: "What if I truly, deeply, wholly - GAVE MY ALL to Jesus Christ for his glory?"

What if...

I asked God a similar question when I was 17 while standing in front of my bedroom mirror. After vacillating on whether or not to serve him with my entire entity as a new convert I decided I would. I said, "I wonder what you can do with a life that is fully yours?... Let's find out!" That statement of intent is probably the reason I am doing what I am doing now.

But now I'm asking it again... "What if...?"

I wish I could be here right now as a pastor and tell you that "I've given my very all!" ... or ... "I'm a winner in every area of my life!"... but I'm not. I've made mistakes, struggled, and wondered sometimes if I'm qualified for this thing...

I've also pushed through, prayed hard, fought temptation, and lived a relatively pure and holy life of passionate love and obedience to God. But have I given my very all... no. But I want to!!!

So the question is burning stronger than ever before...

What if I fully surrendered and obeyed his voice with all my heart?

What if I stopped messing around with this 'little sins' that I've struggled with for years?

What if I died to myself every day...?

What if... what could God do in and through me?


I think it's time we found out!