means living with a concrete, fundamental acknowledgement that God is going to do the things that he has spoken to your heart - if only you will continue on in the journey with all you are! I KNOW God is going to CONTINUE to be do BIG STUFF in and through Dunamis Church! We are going to be a church that not only impacts, changes and transforms our culture and society here in our awesome city of Sarnia, in Ontario, Canada - BUT our faith is going to impact and inspire and help transform the nations of the world.

Our testimony is that of rigid steadfastness in the face of unbelief. Our testimony is that is of overcoming every obstacle and digging up every stone in our ploughing path. Our testimony is that of going forward even when the fruit was not immediate and the finances were minimal. Our testimony is inspiring many - but it will inspire nations.

God has spoken to me, I believe it and am living for it with all my heart!

This is what it means to live with audacious faith... I hope you will join me in believing with all your heart what the Lord speaks to you!