Many people want to know: What is the ONE thing you need to do to succeed? "Just tell me what to do and then I'll do it and then I will be successful!"

Simple truth - there is no magic 'thing'. There is no one step or ten steps or 100 steps. (there may be 10 or 100 steps that if you repeat 100,000 times may get you somewhere, but...)

I've gotten to where I am in ministry - Dunamis Church now has well over 100 people connected. We're raising up lots of young leaders and more mature leaders. We've sparked and are running with youth movement on fire for God - because we've done a million things.

We've prayed (or close to) a million prayers.

We've talked to a million people about Jesus.

We've invited a million people out to church.

We've done the practical, office admin stuff a million times.

We've redone stuff, created stuff, tried stuff, thrown out ideas because they didn't work, and we will continue to do so. Obviously, when I say 'a million' I don't really mean a literal million... I mean A LOT. More than I want to try to remember or count.

We hit 'it' again and again and again, and we've continued to build momentum, and then we hit it again!

... then again -

... then again -

... then again and again and again.

Now we have a movement.

Today I going to hit 'a hundred more things' - and on it goes.

You in?