Time never seems to falter. Seconds keep on ticking whether or not I want them to, like them, feel like a second, they just tick. I can't stop them and neither can you. Minutes keep on truckin'. Hours and days and years continue on. Nothing we can do or say or invent can stop time. Opportunities are different. An opportunity is simply this -

World English Dictionary
— n pl -ties
1. a favourable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances
2. a chance or prospect

The question is this - will you grab hold of them.

Will you seize the moment IN TIME, that opportunity when it arrives?

Will you prepare yourself adequately, or even better, fully?

Sometimes an opportunity can come and go in a moment. But all opportunities consist within a set amount of moments.

Moments in time continue no matter what. But momentum comes from seizing moments. Living moments. Taking a moment and getting all you can out of it, or giving all can in it.

Time is constant. Opportunities are abundant. Seizing is up to you!

I'm going to be a 'seizer'!!! :D