I don't want to sound too simple... but sometimes simplicity is the best medicine. I see many people struggling and many people succeeding around me all the time. Each of them are where they are at because each moment of each minute of each hour of each day of each week of each month of each year... they done something. And it's landed them... here.

To each person who asks my advice you inevitably must give a tailored, honest, truthful and helpful response. But I find myself constantly adding in either at the end, or the beginning, or even sometimes in the middle...

"... one day at a time..."

I think because this approach to life, projects, letdowns, struggles, or whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself in... this approach is valid.

DO SOMETIME TODAY - ALL YOU CAN NOW! Go home, get  a good sleep... and we'll attack it again tomorrow. And you know what? We'll be further along because of it.

... so one day at a time - but the key is - in the right direction -------->