When you are leading people, it's vital to know that they are following YOU. But they don't just follow what they see, they follow who you are.

If you are disciplined in your approach to time management, you stack their cards favourably for them to be disciplined as well. If you are slack in your diet, you might have unhealthy people following you who think it's okay to be sloppy with their diet as well. Many more examples could follow...

All to say, what you do in the secret place of your life affects the people following you maybe even more than simply what they see - because most of the time they don't see you. (The 168 hours you have in each week to make a difference in your pupils lives, how many hours do they observe you?) What you do the secret place of your life, when no one is watching but God, will determine the person your people are following, and not the other way around.