I find so many people unwilling to 'just do it'! The solution? - DO IT!


Do what you are meant to do.

How do I find that out?

Do stuff until you find it out.

What kind of stuff!

Anything man! Read, write, work, play, PRAY, talk, build relationships, live life!

There is potential in every single person, but I have found so many people in the world lacking because they refuse to just allow themselves to explore and grow into the person God is calling them to be - ie. THE REAL "THEM". They would rather sit and let a t.v. or xbox or movie entertain them until they say, "I'm bored" - then move onto the next thing. I'm okay with enjoying other people's creations - but what are you creating? What are you making, working on, doing... that I can enjoy. Are you contributing to your church, workplace, society... or merely consuming what other people who are actually putting their personal geniuses to work are making - while they become richer and you just consume...?

I was thinking today about what to write, and I felt the Holy Spirit say, 'Let's write a blog' - so I am.

I'm writing about getting off the couch of comfortability and discovering what is inside of you.

This is the year to follow your heart and GO AFTER LIFE (GOD) to the fullest!

Thank you for reading! What are you going to do now?