I've found myself in the past years trying to be more creative than I need to be/should be. Let me explain - There are things I've put my 'hand' to in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and back further ('hand' being my creative genius) that I really didn't need to put my hand to, because there were already simply systems that I could have 'stole' from others. I think one thing gets in the way of  me using other people's stuff (when you have permission to use it) to accomplish my God-given goals and dreams --- pride.

Pride in me saying, "I don't need anyone else, I can do this on my own. I'm a genius after all, and I'm going to exercise my creativity, ingenuity, innovation..." etc. etc...

I have no problem with this train of thought, except when it forces me to NOT WORK on other things that God has really put in my heart to do. I simply run out of time. When I find myself creating and inventing more to MAINTAIN rather than to PUSH FORWARD and TAKE GROUND... this is a problem. I haven't always done this... but I've done it enough to blog about it.

Some basic things I need to create, but some I don't. Some I can steal :D Some I can simply say, "What works? --- Ok! Let's do it!" And then move onto other projects that demands my creativity to work at all, because only I can do it.

I'm declaring 2011 will be the most creative, innovative, fun, genius, disciplined, powerful, fruitful year of my life, and that of Dunamis Church!

I declare it over you too!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2011 here we come!!!